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Any company active in today's dynamic and demanding marketplace needs to make integrated decisions and design outcomes that affect all of its key drivers. Ours is a complex world that is increasingly networked at all levels (from the macro economic to the company department or product team). This new paradigm interconnects everything and any action will have a multitude of consequences on all levels. 

We take an integrated approach and help your company achieve its objectives by playing all the relevant fronts. This is represented by our IA matrix where the four quadrants are consider in unison (Company - Products/Services - Target audience - People). We provide working solutions and consulting to help your company take the next step on its way to sustained growth.

Teaming up with EC²S gives you a long-term one-stop solution partner.

Where do we operate?

Our head office is located in the UK with offices throughout Europe. A network of selected partners allows us to deploy worldwide.

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Regularly we organise free sessions to discover our business games.

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Business games

Tactic Travel, take your organisation to a journey in customer intimacy

Libra, a contactcenter game.

ChipFactory Game
NEW leadership game

Customer Drive Game
NEW customer service game

FREE demo sessions

We organise regularly sessions to discover the business games yourself.

Those events are free to attend but registration is required.

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