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Within a company we look at 3 positions:  

  • the company itself,
  • the employee and
  • the direct environment of the employee.  

The latter including the family, the social organisations he/she belongs to, etc.

Having those 3 pillars in a balance results in a positive movement for the enterprise.

We reach this goal by 

  • identifying the leaning strategy
  • involving the employees in the creation process
  • creating a learning mentality 

Bringing new or existing training material in a more blended set-up is what we do.

Business games are used as a stimulator.



Creating the learning strategy for years to come

Game Design

Creation of Social Learning Games with high impact.


Setting up and managing your Learning Management System (LMS)


Transforming your current training material in an e-learning or mobile learning experience

Discover the difficulties a teamleader has and how to overcome them.

Learn how to become a customer service professional.

This game has all the different aspects of customer service and allows you to master them.


Turn your company in a fully oriented customer enterprise.

A path to grow in your people skills


We have a considerable track record.  Through events and social learning activities hundreds, if not thousands, of people from all around the world have been in contact with us. Whether directly or indirectly.

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